8 Tried And True Content Marketer’s Mindset

Getting into your content marketing journey? I’ve got 8 tips for you that can and will surely give you the results you seek. Whether you’re into text blogs or video content, these tips should help you shape your strategy better than you ever did.

Content Marketer’s Mindset

1. Show up every day and put in the work

Keep producing, and stay out of the numbers. In other words, don’t think about results, just persist on creation.

Content marketing is a long journey that will grind you and shape you along the way. Situation and numbers will betray, but you gotta resist those negative times.

2. Play The Long Haul

Get one thing straight: content marketing is not a cookie cutter sneaky marketing gimmick that leads to quick money. Rather, it takes enough time to filter out the ones who love quick money!

PPC or other paid marketing methods take their toll on your pocket, giving you an instant bump with no great results in the longer term.

Content marketing, on the flip side, is a profitable marketing strategy that takes a toll on your time, but pays off in time.

So, if you want your business to sustain in the long run, have enough time to add value to the industry. Real value.

3. Be Genuinely Generous

When you’re helping people, you’ll unknowingly help some figure out their struggle and may help some make millions with your idea.

Be genuinely generous so that you don’t crave for a courteous message saying “Thank you”. It might happen, but you don’t expect in return. That’s how you stay positive in the game.

4. Change One Person’s Life

No matter in which industry you’re working in, or which hemisphere you’re breathing in, know this by your heart: You’re making a difference in one person’s life, not the whole world.

Once you have this clarity, you’ll have an accomplishment at its core. You don’t necessarily have to change the world! All you need is a positive impact in one person’s life.

Now that’s enough reason to keep producing content! Don’t you think?

5. Embrace Failure

Remember that failure is an opportunity in disguise. If you embrace it, correct yourself, and do things better, things will eventually take off, and you’ll see light.

Once someone said to me that a failure is a tuition you pay for success. Now I want to say the same for you.

6. Resist negativity

One thing that made content marketers both successful and vanish in the thin air, is, negativity. You should never look into those comments that don’t really put food for your thought. Instead, they just try to mock you and make you feel down.

You see, negativity in mind leads you to plan better, and you end up your entire life doing just that! The “planing and preparing” stage. Don’t get stuck there.

Things will go south, things will go north, but you gotta keep the road, and your eyes straight.

7. Perfection Comes Afterwards

Perfectionism is a thing that sometimes kills even the possibility for you to get started. So, instead of making things perfect, get started and get it done.

If you go after quick execution, the reality is, you’ll also find a way to make it perfect along the way. Print this on your wall if you need to: “Perfectionism is the reason you’re procrastinating”

Bonus Tip:

Don’t be afraid of being wired sometimes. Being different is not an easy thing. It takes a lot of courage to be different and to be wired.

“What makes you wired as a kid, make you great today”

-James Victoria, Feck Perfuction (book)

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