Less IQ Brings More success

“Less IQ Brings More Success”

Sounds crazy, right?

Hear me out.

Every time you overthink an idea, it most likely goes straight behind the folds of your mind instead of going into action.

That’s that! You try to put in extra IQ, talent, and thinking into an idea that didn’t even need such stress.

Next time you work on an idea, follow the steps:

Step 1: Think of the idea from a user’s perspective. What problem you’re solving without being too technical.

Step 2: Break the idea into bite size clusters where you have multiple phases from launching to scaling.

Step 3: Brainstorm only the first phase: launching. This way, you only think about how to get to business, not to get clients.

Step 4: Once on the field, gather data, make diagrams on that, and act on demand.

Take this blog, for example. This blog won’t be this short! I had a plan for a big blog post to lay down my entire idea about this topic.

But I resisted myself and laid down only the beginning of my ideas. I’ll elaborate, extend, and make this blog a rich one over time.

I’m practicing this for the better. Are you doing so? With your business?

Here, “Less IQ” means thinking less and doing more. Like a less-IQ dumbass does.

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