Propovoice Review: Best Client Management Tool For WordPress

Managing leads, sending project proposals, issuing invoices, and getting paid, that’s business in a nutshell.

But what if you could streamline and simplify this essential workflow, all within the familiar environment of your WordPress website?

Enter Propovoice, the client management tool designed to seamlessly integrate with WordPress and make your business operations more efficient than ever.

This review is all about exploring its key features, user experience, customization options, and more.

Let’s get into Propovoice together!

What is Propovoice: A Quick Overview

Propovoice, if you split it, you’ll find the actual meaning behind the name, which interprets the proposal and invoice. Isn’t it?

You’re right! Propovoice is a powerful client management tool specifically tailored for WordPress users.

It empowers businesses to manage leads, create and send professional project proposals, streamline invoicing, and facilitate secure online payments, all within the WordPress ecosystem.

This user-friendly plugin is designed to enhance efficiency and productivity for freelancers, small businesses, and anyone seeking to simplify their client management processes.

Propovoice at a glance

Key Features
Rating: 5/5
Propovoice offers a set of useful features, including lead management, project proposal creation, invoicing, and payment processing. Great for client communication and collaboration.
Ease of Use
Rating: 5/5
It has a user-friendly interface, easy to navigate, and utilizes functionalities, even for users with minimal technical expertise, for effective business management.
Rating: 5/5
Propovoice caters to businesses of all sizes; freelancers, small businesses, or a larger enterprise, Propovoice is scalable as you grow.
Rating: 4.8/5
Besides compatibility with WordPress, it integrates with PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce, Uncanny Automaton, Google Drive, Metform, Zapier, WpForms, and more than 20 other platforms.
Rating: 5/5
Propovoice offers competitive pricing. For freelancers, it starts at just $6.5/month. You can even get a lifetime deal.
Advanced Features
Rating: 4.9/5
It has customization options for proposals, and detailed reporting tools, and can handle unlimited clients to make client management easy as pie.

Stand-Out Features of Propovoice


1. Leads Management

Propovoice makes collecting, prioritizing, and nurturing leads a breeze. It offers tools to create and manage leads easily through the Propovoice dashboard or the WordPress admin panel.


You can assign ratings, statuses, categories, tags, notes, and files to your leads, keeping a clear record of their progress.


Also, Propovoice allows you to send emails, schedule activities, and convert leads into deals directly from the dashboard. It saves time, enhances conversion, and customer relationships.


2. Deals Pipeline

With Propovoice, tracking, following up, and closing deals with potential clients becomes more straightforward.


The smart deal pipeline and activity scheduler make it easy to create and manage deals. Get a comprehensive overview of each deal’s history, details, and documents in one place.


Filter and sort deals based on various criteria, such as name, value, stage, category, tag, or date for a clear view of your deals’ status and performance.


3. Estimate Builder

Creating professional estimates is a crucial part of client management, and Propovoice simplifies this process.


You can create customized estimates to align your brand identity using its estimate builder and sharing features.


You can add discounts, taxes, terms, and conditions to your estimates, making negotiations more comfortable. Create and send accurate, attractive estimates in minutes.


4. Invoicing and payment tracking

Billing clients and ensuring timely payments are vital for any business. Propovoice’s invoice builder makes this process hassle-free. You can create and manage invoices and integrate WooCommerce for a seamless experience.


Configure recurring invoices, set up payment reminders, select payment methods, payment gateways, and your preferred currency. Just like estimates, you can include discounts, taxes, terms, and conditions to create secure and professional invoices.


5. Projects Management

Efficient project management is critical, and Propovoice helps you manage projects and tasks with clients and team members seamlessly.


Create and manage projects, assign roles, deadlines, budgets, milestones, files, and comments. It allows you to filter and sort projects based on criteria like name, status, category, tag, or date.


Propovoice streamlines operations, enhances productivity, and ensures high-quality results by enabling you to manage projects and tasks efficiently.


6. Contacts Management

Organizing your contacts in one place is essential for effective client management. Propovoice offers a straightforward contacts management system.


With Propovoice, you can create, manage, filter, and sort your contacts with ease. If you have a large number of contacts, you can import or export them using CSV files.


Besides, it can help you add notes, files, categories, and tags to your contacts, ensuring simplified data access, customer segmentation, and personalized communication.


7. Communication tools

Effective client management hinges on robust communication. Propovoice provides a suite of potent tools for interacting with leads, clients, and your team. You can send emails directly from the dashboard or WordPress admin panel.


The activity scheduler helps organize tasks like calls, meetings, and follow-ups. Collaborate effortlessly on projects and tasks. These tools ensure alignment, nurture client relationships, and foster trust.


8. Automation and Workflows

Efficiency is key in client management, and Propovoice simplifies this with automation in workflows. Automation allows you to set triggers and actions for various events.


For example, you can configure actions like sending emails when a lead is created or updating deal status when an estimate is accepted.


Custom workflows for projects and tasks can be created using the workflows feature, streamlining processes and improving efficiency.


9. Security measures

Data protection is paramount, and Propovoice takes it seriously. Propovoice employs robust security measures, including encryption, authentication, and data backup on AWS cloud servers.


Compliant with GDPR and other data privacy regulations, it provides control over user and client access. These security measures ensure the safety and integrity of your data and business operations.


10. User-friendly interface

Propovoice’s user-friendly interface is designed for convenience across devices. Its intuitive design is responsive and easy to navigate.


The drag-and-drop interface allows customization of the dashboard, forms, reports, and widgets.


This user-friendly approach enhances your overall experience, making client management simple and efficient.


11. Customization Options

Tailoring Propovoice to your business needs is effortless. The platform offers various customization options to modify the appearance, behavior, and content of your dashboard, forms, reports, widgets, and more.


The custom fields feature lets you add extra attributes to leads, deals, estimates, invoices, projects, contacts, or activities. Custom statuses empower you to personalize your client management in WordPress.


12. Third-Party Integrations

Enhance your client management with Propovoice’s third-party integrations. The platform offers a wide array of integrations, connecting your data and workflows with platforms like WooCommerce, Mailchimp, Zapier, Google Calendar, Stripe, PayPal, and more.


These integrations expand your client management capabilities, streamlining your business operations and enhancing client services. Seamless integration with other systems and applications empowers businesses to operate efficiently and provide top-notch service to clients.


How Propovoice Streamlines a Service Business

Here’s how Propovoice can help you streamline your service based business, from onboarding clients to delivering projects and getting paid:


Lead management

You start by getting your leads onboard using Propovoice’s lead management function. It allows you to collect and organize leads from various sources. The dashboard or admin panel lets you efficiently manage leads, assign ratings, schedule activities, and convert leads into deals.


Deal pipeline

Once leads are converted, Propovoice’s deal pipeline helps track, follow up, and close deals. Detailed deal information is easily accessible, and you can filter and sort deals based on various criteria.



For clients, the estimate builder lets you create and send professional estimates with customization options. After acceptance, use the invoice builder to create invoices and facilitate online payments, even integrating with WooCommerce for various payment options.


Project management

After you have received the payment from your client, you can use Propovoice’s project management function to manage your projects and tasks with your client and team members.


Create and manage projects using the project collaboration features. You can also assign roles, deadlines, budgets, milestones, files, comments, and more to your projects and tasks.


That’s how Propovoice streamlines client management on WordPress, saving time, reducing errors, improving efficiency, and facilitating your business growth.


Benefits of Propovoice

  • Affordable pricing with a free version available.
  • User-friendly and responsive interface.
  • Seamless integration with WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • Robust customization options.
  • Extensive third-party integrations for added flexibility.
  • Self-hosted, providing control over data.
  • Powerful automation and workflows.
  • Reliable security measures.
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.


Drawbacks Of Propovoice

  • Limited email notification system.
  • Invoice builder lacks support for partial payments and refunds.
  • Automation feature doesn’t support conditional logic.
  • Potential compatibility issues with certain WordPress themes and plugins.

Propovoice Pricing

Propovoice offers both free and premium plans with distinct features:

PlanClient LimitKey FeaturesPricingTrial Period
FreeUp to 50● Leads Management
● Deals Pipeline
● Estimate & Invoice Builder
● Projects & Contacts Management
● Communication Tools
● Automation & Workflows
● Security Measures
● User-Friendly Interface
● Customization Options
● Third-Party Integrations
● 1-year Free Support & Updates
PremiumUnlimited● All Free Plan Features
● Team Onboarding
● Task Discussions
● White Labeling
● Frontend Management
● Unlimited Projects, Invoices, Estimates, Leads, Deals, Activities, Contacts, Team Members & Storage
● 1-year Free Support & Updates
Starts at $9 per month14 Days

However, the premium plan for freelancers offers 1 Domain (1 Year License), whereas the “Agency” plan provides 10 Domain (1 Year License).


Besides, they’re currently rolling out lifetime deals on both “Single domain” and “10 domain” plans. Do check their pricing plans out from the Propovoice Pricing page.


Is Propovoice Right For Your Business?

Propovoice CRM caters to a wide range of businesses and professionals:


  • Freelancers: Ideal for individual freelancers, offering efficient client and project management.
  • Service Agencies: Well-suited for agencies handling multiple clients and complex projects.
  • Developers, Marketers & Designers: Propovoice enhances client interactions and project management for those works in web development, marketing, or designing.
  • Service Sellers: Valuable for businesses selling services, providing professional estimates and invoices.
  • Individual Contractors: Helpful for contractors managing smaller client bases, with a free plan for up to 50 clients.
  • Consultants: Management consultants, business advisors, and similar professionals can use Propovoice to organize client information and deliver exceptional service.




Can I customize Propovoice to match my branding?

Absolutely. Propovoice provides customization options to match the platform’s appearance and behavior to your branding and preferences.


Does Propovoice offer security features for data protection?

Yes, Propovoice incorporates robust security measures, including encryption and authentication, to ensure the safety and integrity of your data.


Can I access Propovoice on mobile devices?

Propovoice offers a responsive design, allowing you to access and use the platform on various devices, including mobile phones and tablets.


Final Verdict

Propovoice is a powerful client management tool that can transform the way you handle leads, deals, estimates, invoices, projects, and contacts.


Propovoice helps you boost sales, increase efficiency, and deliver top-quality results by streamlining these processes.


Ready to take your client management to the next level? Our Suggestion is, give Propovoice a try! Free of cost.

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