About Me

Apart from being a pro content marketer, I’m also a savvy blogger who loves dominating the SERPs with Great Content.

Do you also love how Good Content stands out in the busy crowd? Don’t forget to DM me to hang out sometimes!

I don’t settle for less

Content Marketing

Producing great content and relying on it is basically what I do for a Decent living!

Niche Marketing

Since great content is my superpower, I leverage it to dominate all my favorite niches

Making Business

Content and Marketing are all I do. And I make businesses work out with perfect content strategies.

Travel With Myself

I gather myself together every once in a while. Step back a little, take a bird’s eye at life and work.

Want to Work with me?

Want to work with me and see how my simple yet effective strategies work? Let’s have coffee together (just kidding) and chat!

Niche website

Planning on creating a niche blog with an affiliate or Ad-based revenue model? I can consult and assist you get the most profitable niche website up and running. Contact me to discuss more.

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Keyword Research

Success with a niche website without proper keywords is like a large vessel over a desert. Don’t sail your ship on the sand. Let me take care of that as an experienced sailor who knows the sea.

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Content Creation

Nothing is more important than SEO-optimized content to be successful with a blog. Content is king, and I’m the kingmaker. Let’s discuss content marketing and your next big move.

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Latest From My Blog

I often share my personal experience and know-how. Interested in niche blogging, content strategy, and latest SEO hacks? Stay tuned.

  • 8 Tried And True Content Marketer’s Mindset
    8 Tried And True Content Marketer’s Mindset