How to get free targeted traffic to your business

Traffic is the new currency in the attention economy. The more traffic you have to your site, the more attention (i.e. business) you have.

Getting targeted traffic to your service site is juicy! It gets even juicier when it’s free!

In a world where businesses spend millions just to acquire traffic, leveraging a few less-talked-about methods can bring you free traffic.

How to get free targeted traffic to your business

Well, not entirely free! There’s nothing called a free lunch in the world. For free traffic, instead of money, you’ll have to spend time to make things happen.

Here are 5 ways you can get free targeted traffic to your site:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Optimize your website and its content for search engines. You can rank higher in search results and get more visitors vetted to your niche.

Social media marketing

Create and share valuable, niche-relevant content on social media platforms. You can attract and retain the targeted audience.

Content marketing

Create and distribute relevant content consistently. This will attract and engage the audience within your niche and topic of discussion.

Influencer marketing

Partner with influencers or industry thought leaders. You can leverage their following, market cap, and credibility to reach a new audience.

Email marketing

Collect email addresses within your niche and send emails describing your service to them. Find an audience that has an interest in your product or service for better conversion.

Referral traffic

You can get in front of a new, targeted audience by creating partnerships or collaborations with other businesses or websites.


Now, the free methods come with their trade-offs. And the biggest one is that they often require significant time and effort to implement and maintain.

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