The Thing That Kills Your Productivity

If you’re a freelancer, solopreneur, or just started scaling from a one-person game to the next level, one issue is common among all: Failing to stay productive.

Let’s face it, we all want to grow big and rise above all. But very few of us can do so. But to be there and see what’s on the other side, you must know what kills your productivity and how to beat them.

Well, I want to explore those pitfalls with you today. This is from my experience, this is what I learned over the years of struggling to figure out myself.

Let me start with one statement first:

The single thing that’s killing your productivity and growth: Perfectionism.

Coming detailed on:

Focusing On Too Many Things
Fear Of Not Hiring The Right Person
Listening To ‘perfect’ Gurus
Trying To Be Perfect First
Not Having A Growth Plan
Not Knowing The Big Leagues
Not Having A Ready Audience (Email List)
Not Keeping In Touch (Sending Emails/Messages)
Fear Of Camera (And Making Videos): People May Laugh? Meh
Not Being In A Professional Community
Not Having A Good Mentor
Going Into The Comfort Zone
Not Investing In Courses/Productivity Tools
Not Doing Experiments
Poor Money Management
Ugly Time Management

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